About us

EURAILSCOUT – Your reliable Partner for Monitoring the Condition of the Railway Infrastructure.

Higher speeds, high quality requirements of train traffic and permanent compliance of all technical rail system parameters make high demands on rail infrastructure. Continuously increasing competitive pressure of traffic systems competing with rail is likewise putting ever higher demands on the introduction of technically well founded, innovative and optimally economical maintenance concepts. These concepts must be built exclusively on precise knowledge of the condition and the development and modification of the rail system. Improved analysis of the line condition increasingly allows a reliable forecast of the availibility of the line.

EURAILSCOUT provides the best technical and economical solutions targeted to the future for these demands. They are obtained with the help of the latest measuring and video systems on modern inspection vehicles, stationary measuring installations and modern measuring methods. On inspection runs the most significant parameters of the rail, the superstructure, the substructure and the catenary system are measured and analysed in one run in various combinations constantly and contact-free.

The high measuring speeds influence operational management only minimally. This entirely new method of relating measurement results delivers in previously unknown way the mutual interdependence of the various separate parameters for the purposes of ever more precise forecasting of rail infrastructure conditions.

EURAILSCOUT thus offers the most cost-effective basis for the precise and technically founded forecasting of operational safety conditions and expected maintenance costs.