Eurailscout a Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen - MVO (socially responsible business - SRB)

A focal interest at Eurailscout is that of balancing the needs of people, the environment and businesses. This approach has led to various schemes undertaken by Eurailscout to carry out SRB policy in a concrete way. As part of its SRB policy Eurailscout intends to launch a range of initiatives and campaigns to reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2 performance ladder
Since December 2009 ProRail has rewarded contractors who act in a climate-aware way. The more a company is committed to reducing CO2, the greater is its chance of being awarded an order for a project. For this purpose ProRail uses the so-called CO2 performance ladder as a measuring tool. For Eurailscout the CO2 performance ladder is not currently relevant as a means of gaining a competitive advantage. Eurailscout does see participation in the CO2 performance ladder, however, as an excellent means of giving its SRB policy concrete form as regards one aspect – that of the environment. The following paragraphs set out the CO2 -aware way in which Eurailscout works.

Eurailscout communicates information, both internally and externally, about its own carbon footprint and its ambitions in this respect, and about the initiatives which Eurailscout is putting into practice with third parties for purposes of reducing CO2.

Ideas and collaboration
Eurailscout places particular value on ideas and suggestions from its staff and from third parties which can contribute to realising and expanding SRB policy. Eurailscout likewise works willingly with others on initiatives. We cordially invite you to join us. You can contact us via: