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CO2 emission reduction

Eurailscout supports the ambitious environmental policy of ProRail and intends to contribute to this policy through a concrete programme of its own. For this purpose it has drawn up a number of action plans, all of which can lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. An action plan exists on the following subjects:

  • 1. Mobility

    The mobility of staff is responsible for much of the footprint. A reduction in mobility is of extreme importance in reaching the reduction in CO2...

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  • 2. Green electricity, less electricity

    When electric trains are running they use a great deal of electricity. A reduction in the amount of electricity, or the use of green electricity,...

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  • 3. Avoiding repeat journeys

    The largest source of CO2 emissions come from the operation of test trains. Additional kilometres are travelled through repeat journeys. Avoidance ...

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  • 4. Paper

    Paper consumption uses up rare materials (wood) and, through its energy-intensive production methods, creates CO2 emissions. A reduction in the use...

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  • 5. Decentralised rectification of breakdowns

    The test systems on the trains must supply the client with reliable information. Breakdowns during a campaign must therefore be rectified directly....

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  • 6. Consumption by trains

    The largest source of CO2 emissions is the consumption of diesel for the test trains. Measures to make running them more economical will then also...

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    A major consideration in determining and reducing the CO2 footprint is that of the scope . (Largely) in accordance with the GHG Protocol, SKAO...

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