1. Mobility

The mobility of staff is responsible for much of the footprint. A reduction in mobility is of extreme importance in reaching the reduction in CO2 intended.

A package of measures is designed to reduce CO2 emissions as a consequence of mobility:

  • 1. New leasing regulations: By replacing our fleet with vehicles which have lower CO2 emissions, we achieved a reduction of 10%.
  • 2. New approaches: For various functions it is possible to apply “new approaches.” The objective is to support locality-independent working, with the aid of IT. By setting up a video-conference system at the offices in Amersfoort, Berlin and Paris, it will be possible to make quick savings. A number of short journeys will no longer be needed following the installation of such a system. Even conferences lasting several days can, with good planning, significantly reduce journeys between the cities. By acquiring and installing a video-conference system, Eurailscout will be making a maximum contribution to reduction in CO2 emissions, by reducing staff journeys to meetings.
    Calculation of emissions saved through video-conference:
    Reduction in fights : 25 on annual basis * factor 270 = -/- 3.92 tonnes CO2
    Reduction in train journeys : 10 on annual basis * factor 65 = -/- 0.40 tonnes CO2
    Saving in CO2 emissions on annual basis 4.32 emissions
  • 3. NS Business Card: Public transport
    Within Eurailscout a good many flights are taken between Amsterdam and Berlin. Many of these flights take place on one day, for meetings with a maximum length of 4 hours. It will be possible to reach a saving in CO2 emissions here, by encouraging staff to make these journeys by train. Replacing air journeys by train journeys will lead directly to a reduction in CO2 emissions.
    Calculation of emissions saved through replacing plane by train:
    Reduction in flights (single journeys): 25 * 580 km * factor 270 = -/- 3.92 emissions
    Replacement by train: 25 * 615 km * factor 65 = +/+ 1.00 emissions
    Saving in CO2 emissions on annual basis 2.92 emissions