2. Green electricity, less electricity

When electric trains are running they use a great deal of electricity. A reduction in the amount of electricity, or the use of green electricity, will directly ensure a smaller CO2 footprint for Eurailscout.

To lower CO2 emissions from electricity, either consumption can be reduced, or permanent energy sources can be used. The aim set out below is:

To purchase 100% green electricity for train traction.

Further, all staff should be given explanatory information about unnecessary energy consumption. This information will cover:

  • Turning out the office lights
  • Unplugging battery chargers and other equipment when not in use
  • Turning off computers (possibly as a function of software)

Calculation of emissions saved by using green electricity
Grey electricity at present for train traction: 281033 kwh * factor 455 = 127.87 tonnes CO2
Replacement by green traction current: 281033 kwh * factor 300 84.31 tonnes CO2
Saving in CO2 emissions on annual basis = 43,56 tonnes CO2