3. Avoiding repeat journeys

The largest source of CO2 emissions come from the operation of test trains. Additional kilometres are travelled through repeat journeys. Avoidance of repeat journeys will directly entail a lower CO2 footprint for Eurailscout.

Eurailscout has set itself the aim of achieving 3% fewer repeat journeys. Repeat journeys must be made, since the test route actually travelled during the test process does not correspond to the test route required. The causes of this are as follows:

  • Ignorance on the part of the traffic controller of the need successfully to travel the exact test route required, instead of a transfer from A to B.
  • Through delays to our trains caused by the exigencies of timetables, the required schedule can no longer be met for the particular test route.

To counteract these problems, various actions have been undertaken:

  • By enabling the driver to telephone the traffic controller again prior to the test journey, the correct (required) test route is discussed briefly before the test run.
  • Regular visits to vehicle control rooms, during which we explain our trains and the importance of reaching particular test routes during the test journey.
  • By scheduling breaks between movements during the test journey, delays arising at the start of a test day will not be carried over into the whole test day.
  • By using an EB-ViCoP planning package, it is possible to determine simpler alternative repeat runs (without additional staff deployment).

Calculation of emissions saved through avoidance of repeat journeys
144 km per year x 87.7 tonnes x conversion factor of 30 grams = 0.38 tonnes of CO2