4. Paper

Paper consumption uses up rare materials (wood) and, through its energy-intensive production methods, creates CO2 emissions. A reduction in the use of paper is a very important idea.

Eurailscout aims to use less paper.

To attain this target, the following measures will be taken:

  • Double-sided printing – all printers with a facility for double-sided printing will be switched to double-sided printing as standard. It is anticipated that the amount of paper used in the office can be lowered by a factor of 1.5.
  • Digitalisation of work schedules – work schedules are used to state which routes are scheduled and which are actually being used. This enables the driver to ring up in advance (thus guaranteeing the correct route and making less repeat journeys necessary, see “Avoiding repeat journeys”). Now work schedules are distributed in hard copy. By using digital PDF format to manage the routes under test, a part of this paper avalanche will be avoided. Under regulations, however, the driver may only use a hard copy. This flood of paper can be restricted by no longer including the transport (unimportant to reaching the required route) in the work schedule. Apart from that, the free lines between routes will be adapted to fit different pages, so that fewer pages are needed. This must lead to a reduction in paper of 2%.

Calculation of emissions saved by reducing paper:
5% of 1566.5 k. x conversion factor of 1.208 kg .= 0.095 tonnes of CO2