The universal track measuring vehicle (UFM07) is one of the most reliable, self-propelled measurement platforms, especially in the field of track position measurement and is able to run and record at speeds up to 120 km/h. According to its standard design, the UFM07 is classified as an auxiliary vehicle.



Some technical details:  
Manufacturer GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H GmbH
Year built 1999/2007
Track width 1435 mm
Length above Buffer 18,7 m
Vehicle width 3100 mm
Height above rail 3573 mm
Wheelbase of the bogies 2 600 mm
Wheel diameter 920 mm
Minimum track curvature radius 100 m
Total weight ca. 58 t
Permissible Towing capacity 45 t
Vehicle clearance gauge UIC G2
Maximum speed 120 km/h
Drive Hydrodynamic with automatic transmission
Fuel tank capacity 680 l Diesel
Safety brakes, Train control systems ATB, PZB, Sifa (NL, D, AT, CH)
Train radio system GSM-R (Europe), Mesa 2000 (D, A, CH), Telerail (NL)