The UFM120 is a single car self propelled diesel unit capable of running at 120 km/h. At these speeds it is able to do the recording for all the measurement systems on board.



Some technical details:  
Year of construction 1998
Length (buffer to buffer) 23 m
Train width 3,1 m
Height above rail 4,5 m
Wheelbase 2,5 m
Wheel diameter 920 mm
Minimal curve radius to run 90 m
Weight approx. 70 t
Axle weight approx. 17,5 t
Loading gauge profile UIC G2
Maximum speed, self-propelled / in train 120 kph
Safety brakes and train control systems ATB (NL), PZB (D/A/CH/NOR)
Train radio GSM-R (Europe), Mesa 2000 (D/A/CH), Telerail (NL)