The SIM (Switch Inspection Measurement vehicle) is specially designed for carrying out switch inspections. It is ideal for this purpose with its short distance between centres and low profile. Everything is taken care of so that the measurement systems stay in operation: suspension, damping, cooling, heating and energy supply.

The Switch Inspection and Measurement System consists of four interconnected systems:

  • The video inspection system
  • The switch measurement system
  • The geometry measurement  system for switches and railway station areas
  • The location system

These systems are integrated on the same vehicle, whereby the entire product palette can be covered with a single vehicle. With the help of the location determination system, data of the different systems are provided with the same location code. With help of the new location determination technology, there is the additional possibility of using data from other measurement systems and trains that were measured at another time in connection with the recorded data.

For detailed description of the measurements with the SIM see here:

Due to its compact construction the SIMs are perfectly adapted to all railway lines including underground lines.

The SIM vehicles:

  • SIM09

    The Switch Inspection & Measurement vehicle "SIM09" was the first developed vehicle.

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  • SIM10

    Then followed the SIM10.

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  • SIM11

    Facing the future Eurailscout started an upgrade on its SIMs. New developed camera´s and techniques are implemented to stay ahead of competition.

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  • SIM12

    Eurailscout has built the SIM12, which is fully compliant to the requirements of the Dutch market.

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