2-way vehicle of the Mercedes-Benz Actro type

28 February 2014

Our fleet of nondestructive testing track inspection cars has got a new high-railroader of the Mercedes-Benz Actro type. Thus we are now able to serve the market segment between short length ultrasonic hand inspection (usually served with hand devices) and train based inspection of longer routes (usually served with UST02 and UST96 vehicles).


Road-rail vehicles are trucks with additional rail traction equipment which enables them to run either on normal gauge tracks or roads. For the intended use of necessary components of RIT11 like the hydraulic system, traction, driving control, lift-out and rotating device, truck body and ultrasonic sensor carrier trolley are developed according to the state of the art. The RIT11 is able to perform fast, low cost and high-quality ultrasonic rail inspection to find internal cracks in the rail and to avoid derailments of passenger and freight trains. This helps our customers also, that the trains will arrive in time at the final destination like ports and the maintenance costs will be reduced.

EURAILSCOUT's RIT 11 track inspection vehicle for ultrasonic rail inspection is compliant and approved in accordance with German Railway (DB AG) test guideline RIL 821.2007 and European guideline UIC 725 by using the new Fast Ultrasonic Rail Inspection System with Clone Technology (Furis CT).

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