Contract with SNCF in France

03 March 2014

After acquiring a 50% share of capital of Eurailscout, French national operator SNCF signed a contract for Switch inspection and measurement, Track geometry measurement and Over headline measurement.

The Switch inspection and measurement will be performed by the Eurailscout SIM vehicles. Starting in 2014 with video surveying, followed by switch and track geometry measurement. 

First operations started in the Paris region in January 2014.

Track geometry and Over headline measurements will be performed with the UFM160, which was homologated for France at 160 km/h at the end of 2013. In the second quarter of 2014 the UFM160 will be delivering Track geometry data.

In 2015 Over headline measurements delivery is scheduled to start. First operations with the UFM160 will start in the Southern part of France.