This is the generation of the SIMs

30 May 2014

Our SIM11 (=Switch Inspection Measurement system) has passed all tests and is now ready for production! Facing the future Eurailscout started an upgrade on its SIMs. New developed camera´s and techniques are implemented to stay ahead of competition.

SIM11 operation 

The SIM (Switch Inspection Measurement vehicle) is specially designed for carrying out switch inspections. It is ideal for this purpose with its short distance between centres and low profile. Everything is taken care of so that the measurement systems stay in operation: suspension, damping, cooling, heating and energy supply.

Today 3 of the SIMs are up and running in Europe. They are in production in the Netherlands (SIM11), Italy (SIM10) and France (SIM09) and more SIM’s are being built. EURAILSCOUT had the lowest price at the switch tender in the Netherlands this summer and thereby shows to be a very competitive concept.

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