A day in the life of our Eurailscout Planner

18 October 2018

Image Maurice 

Since 2018 I am responsible for the long term planning on behalf of the department work preparation. Because of this specific job I have a lot of contact with our client ProRail about the capacity request and actual capacity allocation. Mid-March prior the regarding year we have to indicate the routes which we want to measure during the day and which during the night. Every year the track is going to be more packed with projects like ETMET (Each Ten Minutes a Train) – This project  is currently active between Amsterdam and Eindhoven. ETMET will also  apply on other tracks in the near future. The traffic on the single-track lines is also intensified. This means that more and more routes have to be measured at night. During the night we have to take into account the planning of contractors, as well as the planning of the grinding train. Because of this there is often contact with ProRail IBP, responsible for the capacity distribution.  We communicate  to ensure we submit a conflict free planning.

“At the end of the line it is satisfying to see a shift being realized conflict-free”

Maurice Teunissen, planner Eurailscout Inspection & Analysis B.V.

In addition to these specific ProRail-related activities the yearly and monthly maintenance has to be planned as well. Planning applies also for the campaigns abroad, repro-, calibration- and validation activities. A lot of preparation is needed to acquire a feasible plan.