Installation in Norway

22 March 2018

Eurailscout - Norway 

In the past weeks, part of the Software Team travelled to Norway to install the LocBox and LocFinder on the Norwegian maintenance train, the SMV-03.

The Location Finder application enables the Norwegians to find the measured points of the UST-96 in the track. A unique feature of this application is the possibility of locating the defects by means of travelled kilometres, instead of only using calculated GPS positions. This is made possible by the LocBox. The advantage of this method is that it also works where there is hardly any GPS signal, such as in tunnels.

Location Finder enables defects to be displayed ‘live’ on a screen, together with the necessary information. This application works on a tablet and is easy to operate manually. The tablet is mounted in a docking station, which is installed on a swing arm. This enables the application to be controlled from different angles and positions.

During the first visit, the hardware was installed and the GPS antenna was mounted on the train's roof and all the necessary connections were made with the LocBox. The LocBox was subsequently placed in the system rack of the train. The cables were mounted neatly and safely in the designated cable trays.