UFM160 is rewrapped

27 February 2018

UMF160 rewrapped 

During January and February 2018, our measurement train UFM160 has been stopped for a heavy maintenance (R8) in Les Mureaux (40km West of Paris).

The train was lifted and we ran with suppliers at the workshop a long list of maintenance operations including engines, bogies, gearbox, brakes, air tanks etc.

Measurement systems were also maintained, some parts were sent to suppliers for deep check and calibration. Afterward, this is not visible anymore which is not the case with the new livery including orange and grey strips “VIGIRAIL program” from the customer SNCF Réseau.

(Vigirail is the generic name for an SNCF improvement program for maintenance and monitoring. All SNCF’s measurement trains have a new livery with grey-orange-black strips)

This Eurailscout train, operating mainly for SNCF Réeseau by Eurailscout France, will be easily identified as part of this survey program for the French network.

From February 26th, the UFM160 will start test runs for the 6 months compliancy, track geometry, overhead line and eurobalises measurement.