SIM-14 test Denmark successful

28 January 2019

SIM Denmark Eurailscout 

Straight out of the successful reproduction test runs in the Netherlands, the SIM-14 has run a test run in Denmark from Flensburg to Fredericia to compare with the UFM-120.

Since the SIM is a backup measurement system for the Danish contract Eurailscout would like to prove to Banedanmark the SIM-14 also serves that same purpose, delivering the same basic geometry parameters with the same or better quality. A special focus of the test was on the new implementation of the newly designed filters according to the EN-13848-1 norm.

This norm aims to equalize all the used filters on geometry trains in Europe. The first results are positive. They show that all parameters are within the thresholds of the European norm.  The next part is the analysis of all the to-be compared signals by our engineers!