SNCF concludes Agreement to take Joint Control of EURAILSCOUT

20 December 2012

Rail Infrastructure Inspection: SNCF concludes Agreement to take Joint Control of EURAILSCOUT alongside Dutch Company STRUKTON. SNCF has the 50% share of the capital of the Dutch company Eurailscout. The remaining 50% remain the property of Strukton Rail, part of the Strukton group which is a subsidiary of Oranjewoud, listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. SNCF has taken over the 50% share from the German company GSG Knape. Eurailscout is specialises in the inspection of rail infrastructure using specialist measurement trains.


Through this transaction, the two companies will be able to showcase throughout Europe a unique set of synergies founded on their respective strengths, aimed at increasingly efficient rail network monitoring.

SNCF Infrastructure, with the benefit of its image and experience, consequently makes an entry on the international rail infrastructure monitoring market, and takes advantage of Eurailscout's position as European leader in measurement on markets open to competition.

Strukton, which is also a rail infrastructure maintainer in Europe, will continue to contribute its own know-how to this extremely technical sector.

Aike Schoots, CEO of Strukton Rail, said,
The cooperation between SNCF and Strukton will provide a quantum step ahead, to further develop and operate measurement trains and data management technologies. This enables us to improve the quality, safety, cost effectiveness and transparency of the railway network. Which at the end will please train passengers and freight operators.

Pierre Izard, CEO of SNCF Infrastructure, said,
Using the synergies between our own skills which enabled us to design the Iris 320 inspection train that measures the geometry of high speed lines at 320 km/h, and those of Eurailscout which are also founded on innovation and efficiency at the service of rail infrastructure maintenance, we will be able to develop state-of-the-art solutions to assist infrastructure managers and European rail network maintainers.


This consists of infrastructure monitoring carried out by systems on board special trains or wagons to inspect in particular the following:
-    Track geometry
-    The position and thickness of overhead contact wires
-    Parameters of signalling equipment
-    Ultrasound rail verification
The partnership developed with Strukton Rail is for the inspection of the traditional network, not including high speed lines.

About Strukton Rail
Strukton Rail provides cross-border solutions in the field of rail infrastructure, railway vehicles and mobility systems by developing, constructing, installing and maintaining rail systems. Strukton Rail delivers quality, aimed at the optimised result: sound and safe railway systems for passengers and freight. The goal is to make rail transport an attractive option, which means aimed at the passenger, safe, on time and reliable , competitive with other transport modalities  and sustainable. Strukton Rail’s measurement and monitoring systems prove, demonstrate and give insight into this system reliability. Strukton Rail counts about 3,200 employees and has long-term operations in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany,  Belgium and Italy. Strukton Rail is a subsidiary of Strukton, a full service provider in the field of infrastructure and accommodation solutions. The focus is on the delivery of products and services aimed at mobility, transport hubs and uninterrupted operation. Strukton is a company with approximately 5,900 employees and revenue of EUR 1.3 billion in 2011.

About SNCF Group
SNCF is a world leader in mobility and logistics with a presence in 120 countries and a total workforce of over 245,000 generating revenue of €32.6 billion in 2011, 23% outside France. A public sector group dedicated to public service, SNCF builds on its foundations in rail to offer an extended range of services for smooth door-to-door mobility in the interests of its customers:  passengers, shippers, and public transport  authorities. Targeting cross-border and international markets, the Group is made up of five divisions: SNCF Infra, managing, operating, maintaining and developing rail and related infrastructure; SNCF Proximités, operating local, urban and regional passenger services; SNCF Voyages, operating long-distance passenger services and distribution; SNCF Geodis, providing freight and logistic services; and Gares & Connexions, responsible for with railway-station management and development.