Contract with ProRail for Dutch switches

The Netherlands
Switch measurement
ProRail_ERS SwitchContract


Amersfoort, 27 February 2015  -  ProRail and Eurailscout have signed a contract for the measurement and video inspection of the majority of Dutch switches.
In this 4-8 year contract Eurailscout will utilise the state of the art SIM-12 wagon.The SIM wagons make the switch inspection and measurements possible with the aid of advanced technology and software.
The switches are recorded in a synchronized manner by very high frequency video cameras, whilst the rail profile and vital statistics are recorded by laser measurement systems.
The measurements are obtained with the vehicle operating within the normal running schedule which minimizes timetable disruption. The detailed images and precise measurement results are analyzed offline by a technician at a workstation.
Quality measurements are of high importance in the Netherlands in order to prioritise maintenance with a minimum of disruption to traffic.
The Netherlands has the highest usage of its railways of the European Union and 3rd highest usage in the world.


  • Client: ProRail
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Period: 2015-2022
  • Services: Switch measurement, Switch video
  • Number of switches: 974
  • Test equipment: SIM12