We help you to keep your track in shape with reliable, high precision track data Lower life  cycle costs with our ‘deterioration over time’ analysis.


We assure a safe rail and help cutting life cycle costs. Comprehensive Rail Inspection with Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and Visual Inspection or a combination of all three.


The latest innovation in the railroad track sector, enhances the availability of the infrastructure, allows for the possibility of maintenance depending on the condition, increases safety in and on the track and reduces life-cycle costs.

Overhead line

Today’s inspection and analysis of overhead line systems at normal and high speeds guarantees the safe and trouble-free operation of trains.


The communications link between the trains and the traffic control centre is of vital importance, not only for the announcement of minor delays, for instance, but also in case of an accident. A reliable network for this is the digital train radio based on the GSM-R network.