EURAILSCOUT Inspection & Analysis has been operating for many years in various countries in the areas of rail track measurement, rail testing and inspection of the railway infrastructure. As a result, EURAILSCOUT has unparalleled experience in the corresponding areas.

  • Measurement and inspection of the roadway – position and level of the track, rail defects, turnout, catenary wire, track environment
  • Analysis and diagnostics of the roadway condition and of rail defects
  • Processing of large quantities of measured data  
  • Integrated monitoring of the infrastructure
  • System integration of different measurement systems, localisation of  rail defects
  • Replacement of manual inspections (e.g. of track workers at risk) by automatic train-based methods; implementation of new methods together with the client   
  • Consulting service for maintenance and renovation measures

Independent of this, EURAILSCOUT also provides consulting services and supportive collaboration in the fi elds of rail track measurement, rail testing, turnout and catenary inspection, both with general-purpose  test  and  measurement  cars  and  with  portable measuring instruments, particularly in the following areas:

  • Requirements and relevance with respect to measurements and results analysis
  • Trend analyses of the development of defects and the wear and tear of the infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies for rail or track condition reports
  • Strategies and planning for maintenance and new construction
  • Maintenance and new construction strategies including infrastructure management
  • Measuring methods and handling of rail defects, such as RCF defects
  • Advice for grinding of RCF and rail corrugation
  • Consulting service for the improvement of the railway infrastructure safety
  • Consulting service for the more effective maintenance of the infrastructure
  • Replacement of manual inspections by automated methods and test trains

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