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Automated optical inspection

Sensor-QuertragwerkeSensor for the detection of the headspans


The automated optical inspection is based on surveys of the catenary and cross-span installations. The four sensors used in these two systems typically produce 4 GB of image data for each kilometre travelled. Real-time data compression reduces the data to less than 3% of its original volume. The cross-span installations and the longitudinal catenary are inspected offline using automatic image processing which recognises any changes by comparing a pre-defined status (teach-in run) with all of the subsequent inspection runs. The reference data for each section of the teach-in run is compared with the image data from the inspection run, allowing defects to be recognised and classified accordingly. The real-time determination of the vertical and horizontal position of the contact wire and of its vertical gauge is supplemented by offline evaluation of the stored images. The automated image evaluation recognises damage and foreign objects. Damage can include loose or missing screws, frayed cable and other damaged components.