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Profile Measurements

Rail Testing and Measurement for the Maintenance Planning:

The cost-efficient maintenance of your rail network to reduce the life cycle cost requires a fault database on which a well-grounded maintenance plan can be established. EURAILSCOUT, as an independent testing and measuring services provider, generates these databases through the deployment of the latest measurement and testing techniques. The databases are then analysed, consolidated into maintenance plans and submitted to you.

Rail Profile ScreenRail Profile Screen

Profile Measurements 

In addition to data regarding surface damage, track  gauge and corrugation, the profile data of the rails are an important basis for the development and optimisation of maintenance plans, such as grinding, milling or exchanging of the rails. Principally the rail head is measured at hundreds of coordinates providing a very precise image. With specific reference points the rail type is detected and a comparison between the actual rail head and the original shape taken from a rail library provides useful information about the wear of the rail. Besides the recognition of the track type, the track height, head width, inclination, wear and track lip are measured. The track wear can be measured from different angles. The total wear is indicated in square millimetres and percent. Of special interest for the compilation of grinding programmes is the shape of the rail in the railwheel contact area. Because the complete rail head profile is taken it is possible to overlay the existing profile with the desired profile after grinding. This information ensures that the grinding company optimises their operation.

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