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Basic Rail Safety Test

By compressing the test point distance in the test data acquisition, we enhance the quality of our basic rail safety test significantly. This is reflected in an increased reproducibility, fewer faults and a more accurate analysis. EURAILSCOUT‘s basic rail safety test meets the requirements of most railway infrastructure companies. The unique feature of the new testing technology is the implementation of the patented cloning process:

KlonverfahrenPatented Cloning process


It allows test speeds of up to 100 km/h. Very high pulse repetition rates guarantee a detailed defect resolution at these high test speeds, so that we do not miss even the smallest irregularities.
Thus, during the basic rail safety test, the rails can be examined at  a  pitch  of  2  mm  and  a  test  speed  of  60  km/h. The  new  systems architecture makes it possible to meet your economic requirements whilst simultaneously raising the quality level in the test data  acquisition.  In  the  basic  rail  safety  test,  we  use  a  0°,  +/-70° and +/-35° squat ultrasonic probe combination:

WinkelUltrasonic probe combination for basic rail safety test with A image and B image presentation


New  ultrasonic  probes  in  combination  with  improved  ultrasonic probe carriers allow an examination of the rails in all safety-relevant areas of the rail profile in rails and turnouts, with the exception of the frog. With a constant distance between the ultrasonic probes and the rail surface, we see all irregularities from a depth equal to or larger than 5 mm below the rail surface. The new type of probe guidance also permits the inspection of corrugated rails as well as rutty insulated rail joints in your railway network. EURAILSCOUT is the only company worldwide that can reliably detect minute incipient cracks at the beginning or end of the rail both in the rail head and in the rail web. To prevent interruptions to railway operations, such as that of the subsequent train traffic by the incorrect manipulation of the Rail-free switching means, the testing equipment at EURAILSCOUT is actively guided above the rail centre. The information for the active control is established via a rail profile measurement system. On the basis of the information, servo motors always ensure the correct position of the testing equipment above the centre of the rails.

Detektion-Anrisse-an-SchienDetection of incipient cracks at the beginning / end of the rail and at Fishplate chambers drillings


Our qualified employees ensure consistently high quality through constant advanced training and cover all certification levels in ultrasonic testing methods, eddy current and visual inspection pursuant to EN 9712 and/or ASNT.