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Squat Detection

Squats are cracks which spread inside the rail head. In the initial stage,  the  crack  grows  at  a  flat  angle  to  the  rail  surface  up  to  a crack depth of 2-3 mm. Subsequently, the crack grows downwards in a lateral direction in the rail head and is therefore frequently the cause  of  rail  breakages.  Since  squats  (UIC  227)  can  also  appear in closely spaced succession, the risk is very high that a piece of rail containing several squats will break away and result in a derailment.
Our  clients  choose  EURAILSCOUT  for  the  detection  and  identification  of  squats  in  their  track  networks,  since  a  unique  squat-ultrasound testing-head technology with testing speeds on good railway  routes  are  used  at  up  to  60  km/h. This  already  makes  it possible  to  detect  the  smallest  squats,  but  also  to  detect  safer crash depths with larger squats with cracks in the longitudinal direction with varying crack angles.

Additionally, we can offer squat detection, those who are growing to the gauge corner (location and quantity) with the inductive eddy current process as well as the visual inspection by means of a video inspection system as supporting test methods, in addition to the ultrasonic method.

Eddy current SquatEddy current signal indication multiple squats with damaged rail