GSM-R Monitoring - Eurailscout

GSM-R Monitoring

A reliable network for communication is the digital train radio based on the GSM-R network.
The closed GSM-R network was developed and built especially for use in the railway environment. Currently, the system is being used for phone calls between the engineer and the traffi c controller/dispatcher. In the new European safety system ERTMS, this network will increasingly play a decisive role, as more and more data applications, such as the transmission of timetables, are enabled via this system. Recurrent monitoring of these systems makes it possible for infrastructure operators to ensure the necessary signal quality of the GSM-R network is maintained.
EURAILSCOUT specialises in measuring the radio coverage and signal strength of the GSM-R train radio network. The radio coverage and reception quality of both the analogue train radio (Telerail) and the new digital train radio (GSM-R) can be measured at speeds of up to 140 km/h. These measurements play an increasingly important role in the refinement of the new European GSM-R train radio system everywhere.

As a standard, the following parameters are measured:

  • Field strength of the radio signal
  • Strength and range of the switching transmitters