ATB Monitoring - Eurailscout

ATB Monitoring

The ATB-EG system is a train control system which permits rail traffic to operate at high speeds when clearance is given. Any faults, anomalies or the absence of the ATB signal can result in unnecessarily slow train operations or complete traffi c stoppages. Regular monitoring of the quality of the ATB signals ensures that any problems are detected at an early stage, before they can interfere with actual train traffic.

EURAILSCOUT specialises in monitoring these signalling devices; with the latest monitoring systems on test and measurement cars, all ATB installations (Automatic Train Control / LZB) can be monitored on a regular basis. The calibrated ATB receiving coils with the associated electronics and computer technology allow a very precise recording of the magnetic fi eld intensities of both rails.

As a standard, the following parameters are measured:

  • Correct functioning of the code transmitters and receivers
  • ATB code
  • Code level
  • Standby current
  • Unbalance between both rails
  • Duty cycle of useful signal/space ratios