Switches cause about 50% of the track based disruptions to the availability of a rail network. EURAILSCOUT Switch Inspection & Measurement vehicles allow for a complete non-contact inspection and measurement of the switch without taking the switch out of service. This will enable the infrastructure owner to observe exceedances before they become disruptions or safety hazards. This all, whilst economizing on the maintenance expenses with efficient life-cycle cost management.

With high resolution line scan camera’s, you’ll have the best view of your track, in the comfort of your office. This enables you to have a full visual inspection of the switch. It allows you to take the time you need for the assessment or a second opinion, as there will be no train waiting until the switch is in service again.

A high speed rail profile measurement system, capable of geometry measurements conform EN13848, captures the condition of your switch under loaded circumstances. High coverage rail profile cross-sections make it possible to perform in-depth inspections of for example the switch blade and frog area. Quantifying the switch under operating conditions allows for accurate and reproducible safety assessments. The SIM is monitoring your switches as they are during day-to-day operations.

Switch Inspection & Measurement (SIM) - Features and Arguments

-          Track condition monitoring as a service
-          No people on the track, no train service interruptions
-          Objective quality evaluation of the switches, digitally stored
-          Loaded measurements give realistic track and switch conditions
-          EURAILSCOUT’s data localization works without track adjustments (RFID is optional)

With the low profile, the SIM can be pulled and pushed by a single locomotive, allowing for quick shunting between the regular traffic. This allows EURAILSCOUT to inspect and record 200 switches (both paths) in and around Amsterdam Central station, in 6 hours.