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Geometry measurement

Geometry measurement of switches and railway yards:

The  geometry  of  tracks  and switches is in 3D; with the help of  an  inertial  measurement system  which  has  been  optimalised for very short (starting at 1 m) and for medium-length waves.  The  measurement  system delivers the geometric parameters  (D1  und  D2)  in  accordance with EN 13848. The classical geometrical parameters are maintained. Values determined, such as the
standard deviation, for example, can be reproduced in a graphic representation.
The  following  parameters  can be delivered:

  • Track width
  • Shift
  • Height
  • Transverse gradient
  • All derived signals, such as the transverse gradient difference, for example, can be made available.

The new inertial system was conceived to attain high accuracy, both at low speeds and also with very short waves at high speeds.

Inertial unit