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SIM - Features and Arguments

SIM = Switch Inspection & Measurement

In place of a measurement trolley, SIM makes the running inspection and measurements possible with the aid of intelligent technology. At speeds of 40 km/h the evaluation no longer takes place on the track. The switches are recorded in a synchronised manner by seven cameras, whilst the track profile and grinding are recorded by laser measurement systems. The measurements are obtained with the vehicle operating within the normal running schedule which minimises timetable disruption. The  detailed images and precise measurement results are analysed offline by a technician at a workstation. Due to the varying camera angles, the analysis technician is able to see all details of the switch to be inspected. The measurement data makes every irregularity directly visible. Due to the increased speed of the data collection and the switch inspection being conducted away from the track, the safety of the working process is increased and the availability of the track is improved. The Switch Inspection and Measurement (SIM) system, like most vehicle based systems from Eurailscout, is a combination of multiple monitoring systems. These include a video inspection system, switch measurement system, location system, cooling system, integral energy supply, and a diesel tank. The wagon design is conceived so that driving lines of sight are not restricted in either direction and conform to UIC guidelines. The system is built to conform to regulations so that it can be operated by pulling or pushing. It can be pulled at a speed of 100 km/h and pushed at 80 km/h. The SIM is easy to use and can be driven with almost any locomotive.

SIM vehicle


Advantages of the SIM operation:

  • Safety: no more people on the track
  • Enables efficient life cycle costs
  • Low operational costs
  • Loaded measurements give real live data
  • Objective quality evaluation of the switches, the digital data are stored
  • Possibility of evaluating the same data between colleagues
  • More time and peace during the inspection and evaluation
  • Reduced costs through better use of personnel
  • Less personnel on the track – no time out of service
  • No time-table disruptions

Functions and characteristics of SIM:

  • The systems are easy to use
  • Automatic switch and frog recognition
  • Precise determination of location
  • Sorting according to switch number, contract region, geocode etc.
  • Data bank with recording and measurements which make trend analyses possible
  • User-friendly work station

The Switch Inspection and Measurement System consists of four interconnected systems:

  • The video inspection system
  • The switch measurement system
  • The geometry measurement  system for switches and railway station areas
  • The location system

These  systems  are  integrated  on  the  same  vehicle,  whereby  the entire product palette can be covered with a single vehicle. With the help of the location determination system, data of the different systems are provided with the same location code. With help of the new location determination technology, there is the additional possibility of using data from other measurement systems and trains that were measured at another time in connection with the recorded data.