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Switch measurement

EURAILSCOUT added a new development in 2009: the switch measurement system. This system has now been further developed, based on the wishes and specifications of EURAILSCOUT and its clients, and is now in production in the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Automatic switch measurement
The measurement system is based on the generally well-known triangulation method. In this, the route travelled is determined by the laser spot, the reflection of which is monitored by the camera. The distance between camera and object can then be calculated from this. At a measurement speed of 40 km/h  a  scan  of  the  track  profile  is made every 20 mm, whereby the cameras must work at very high speed. A camera was specially developed for this purpose.

Measurement  in  the  switches  requires  more  cameras  and  lasers which together result in a profile. This measured profile is composed of points which have been very precisely measured in a three-dimensional axis system.

Laser Triangulation:



14mm cross sectionThe points of the 14 mm cross-section of the profiles.

A horizontal cross-section is made on the profiles on 14 mm under the track upper edge.





All the track and flange grooves as well as device gauges shown in the following switch measurement report can be determined from this average.