To ensure a safe environment for railway operation, track geometry measurements as well as video data are essential; the monitoring of these should be carried out without disturbance to normal railway operation.
For the track environment EURAILSCOUT can provide high precision track geometry data and high quality video images. All data is recorded on vehicles that can operate at speeds up to 160km/h thus avoiding any disturbance to other railway operations. The logistics of measuring a defined part of any infrastructure network without missing any sections and without disturbing normal operation is an issue, which should not be underestimated.

  • Track Geometry

    With respect to track geometry parameters, the requirements are defined in the European Standard EN13848. However due to national specifics and for...

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  • Video

    An additional means to ensure track safety is the recording of video data. With respect to the driver’s perspective signals and track must stay cle...

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  • Rail Corrugation

    The non-contact laser-based system for identification of rail corrugation (short wave rail head faults) measured every 5 mm to identify all kinds o...

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  • Recording of the present condition/ proof assurance/inspection

    Prior to and after a more extensive maintenance action such as ballast cleaning, foundation replacement or track renewal, both contractual parties...

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  • Driver Training

    By means of the driver’s view images a video stream in AVI format can be created to be replayed by EURAILSCOUT ’s media player. These videos are ve...

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  • Maintenance Planning

    Our customers aim is to plan maintenance cycles in advance, before track geometry exceedences require emergency action. Anticipated maintenance is...

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