Maintenance Planning - Eurailscout

Maintenance Planning

Our customers aim is to plan maintenance cycles in advance, before track geometry exceedences require emergency action. Anticipated maintenance is the principal element to reduce infrastructure life cycle costs.

Since the deterioration of one parameter often has an effect on others, the track geometry, video and ground information data’s location should be synchronised and collated in one database, ideally together with other measurement data from e.g. Overhead Line and Rail. Combining these data sources into one information package enables engineers to generate the most cost effective maintenance programs.

This combined data analysis approach provides a better indication of whether a track geometry issue can be cured by tamping only, or whether ballast cleaning or even foundation improvement work is required. If for example the track geometry quality degrades often or too quickly the cause could either be unstable subsoil (determined by Ground Penetrating Radar) or vibrations created by corrugation. In this case foundation improvement or rail grinding would be the favourable maintenance
action and not tamping.

EURAILSCOUT works with highly flexible and user friendly data analysis and presentation tools. Different types of data, even recorded by different trains, can be analysed together gaining a comprehensive picture of the status of the railway infrastructure. Because all data is available in full detail it is possible to show an overview only (e.g. based on standard deviation of parameters over sections of track) or to zoom into details down to less than one metre (yard).