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Rail Corrugation

The non-contact laser-based system for identification of rail corrugation (short wave rail head faults) measured every 5 mm to identify all kinds of corrugation between 10 mm and 1 metre on each rail. Up to four wave-length bandwidths can be configured to assess different kinds of corrugation in one single run.

Corrugation UFM120Results of the corrugation system: All nine runs deliver almost the same results.


The system shows an incredible accuracy of 0.02 mm at all recording speeds.

The results provide you with information as to when and where the track heads must be ground for a reduction of track wear and the resonance/ vibration noise. This measurement is connected with other measurement systems by means of a localisation index. These data can be compared with historical data; thus development of the fluting can be observed and a grinding plan can already be made in advance.

Track Corrugation measurement Track corrugation measurement


Track gauge measurement

The track gauge is measured using several lasers. With this information it is possible to take into account instances of gauge narrowing or overlapping material due to very high axle loads, during the preparation of the grinding plan.