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Recording of the present condition/ proof assurance/inspection

Prior to and after a more extensive maintenance action such as ballast cleaning, foundation replacement or track renewal, both contractual parties are interested in evidence of the present situation and require knowing whether or not the agreed results have been achieved.

Alongside the above-named track and video data, data must also often be collected concerning the structure of the track foundation. For these purposes, EURAILSCOUT applies the geo-wheel procedure shown in the illustrations.

GeoradarmessungGround Penetrating Radar

This measurement system is able to

  • Examine the depth of the ballast and to detect inhomogenities
  • Differentiate between clean and dirty ballast
  • Examine the distribution of humidity and identify wet beds
  • Identify pipes and cables
  • Map foundation layers down to 3-4m depth.

This information is gathered across the entire track bed and filters effectively eliminate any inconstancies.
Thus next to the track geometry and video data recorded on the visible side, the GPR system allows the control of the invisible, where comparison of the before and after maintenance situations is essential.