Video - Eurailscout


An additional means to ensure track safety is the recording of video data. With respect to the driver’s perspective signals and track must stay clear from vegetation; whilst downward facing images can be utilised for automated defect recognition and any other safety hazards.

With our visual orientated perception and understanding as human beings, video data in general helps to understand results, which are mostly numbers and graphs, recorded from other measurement systems.

EURAILSCOUT records high quality digital video data by cameras taking picture frames or line scans from different perspectives.

From the train driver’s perspective “panoramic” colour pictures are taken at a fixed spacing between 1.5 and 3.0 m depending on the requirements. The picture below shows an example.

The catenary video system also shows mast suspensions. To maintain a high resolution, a higher trigger frequency and reasonable data size, the images of this view are black and white. This is sufficient for these types of objects; any objects requiring colour can still be examined in the driver’s view.

The downward facing image is a continuous strip, which is taken by line scan cameras. Dependant on the customer’s requirements it can show the entire track or merely the rails including the adjacent areas. This image provides a high resolution view from the top of the rails (see images above).

With the help of error-detection software, missing fastening devices, defects in the rail joints, centrifuge spots and ball indentations can be detected.